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18298 Andover Pk. W.
Seattle, WA. 98188

Phone: 800-622-6743

Fax: 206-575-3179


12350 N.E. Marx
Portland, OR. 97230

Phone: 800-272-4439

Fax: 503-257-7976






Local Service


This is what Alpak provides for their customers.

Our line of food processing equipment, vacuum packaging and supplies are the largest of the West Coast, Alaska and the Pacific Rim.

Our customer base consists of meat and seafood processing plants, butcher shops, restaurants, hotel kitchens, home processors and more.

Our packaging equipment has multiple uses, including food  product, written materials, emergency & first aid products virtually anything that can be vacuum packed!

Vacuum packing, shrink wrapping, meat & seafood processing equipment which includes saws, grinders, mixers, vacuum tumblers, tenderizers, stuffers, smokehouses etc.

Our supply items include vacuum pouches, rollstock film, shrink bags, patty paper and soy products.

We have a complete line of smaller machines designed for the home processor, fishing lodge or small business.








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